UG95A - Unable to register "Global" SIM cards on networks in the US and Mexcio

We are using the UG95A (3G) module in the US and Mexico. When we attempt to use a Global SIM cards the device doe not register with the network (AT&T, T-Mobile) or (Telcel, AT&T - Mexico). When we insert the SIM card into a iPhone it connects. Then, when we remove the same SIM cards and insert it into our device it connects (quite fast). We are using the standard “AT_CREG 0,2” commands.

Looking forward for a quick solution - thank you!

Best, Chris

Hi Chris,

The first time registration may take more time. But it should be able to register. It’s better to have a remote session to check.
“Then, when we remove the same SIM cards and insert it into our device it connects (quite fast).” Is the “our device” UG95 or not?

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Many thanks for your response. What do you mean by remote session? Do you mean a debugging session? Also, can you confirm to us that we should be using “AT+CREG 0,2” command and not “AT CEREG 0,2” etc.

Please also note, when I inserted the SIM card in my iPhone it connected to LTE. But when we inserted back into the device it did connect to 3G. Therefore, I believe the issue is in the network registration.

***Yes, when I say “our device” it is UG95A. All our IOT devices use only US95A. *** Look forward to your guidance.

Best, Chris

Hi Crhis,

Yes, remote session I meant is debugging session. We can meet in Zoom or Temaviewer. If possible, you can prepare a new global sim card and we can do a live debugging. There could be some issue with network configuration.

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