Udx710 5G router new firmware where to download?

You can check the release note in the lastest firmware.

can send me default software RG500UEAABR03A03M4G?

I have sent it. Please check the Quectel message.

ok Thanks received RG500UEAABR03A03M4G_01.001.01.001 moving forward in future new version i still need to request here ? or u have a web site can regularly check for new version… because the router OTA doesnt work at all

select the whole zip file u sent me ???

It might use dfota upgrade. If you you can not upgrade the firmware on the web page.

If The current firmware version is RG500UEAABxISPV3.2.2543.13.41.
It means that the firmware is not a standard firmware. Please ask the vendor of the device to provide the module firmware.

All the firmware I sent is for Quectel standard modem.

ok in that the case , vendor will not help .they just sell and go away
I will abort this product and look for a new model not from china

hi, i have this same modem, can i know how to upgrade to the latest firmware?
Current Version RG500UEAABxCOMSLICv3.2.2543.12.18

i checked my IMEI and got this result

I can send you the lastest RG500UEAAB. But it might not work for your modem.
It is obviously that it is a customerized version.


It is better not to try …

okay thanks, i managed to speak with the seller and he helped me to change some settings for local telco and it works fine now. i better not change firmware :joy:

i have same model dont update, the router works fine .with band locking ,pci lock,at command , and you can change imei…with tricks hahaha