UDP hole punch problem

I am using a UDP connection to exchange data over MQTT-SN protocol (SN is the sensor-network, that uses UDP connection).

And, I am facing a silent problem, which is the UDP connection being closed for time out (as described by the UDP hole punch).
This problem is not under my control as far as I know, not related to module or the other side, but reading on internet, it is more related to Routers and NAT.

I know that if I implement a heartbeat, then the problem is solved. But, due to data transfer constraints, I cannot rely on such a solution.

Is there any other solution for this?

As you said , the root cause come from NAT ,pls add SNI parameter in you side , and try it
[[Internal]ATC_AT+QSSLCFG &SNI_Preliminary_20180126.pdf|attachment]

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