UDP datagrams on BG600L

We have found that on the BG600L UDP Client Socket, sending data to the socket does not honor the length of the datagram when the stack starts filling up.
So sending bytes on the UDP socket sometimes gives us bytes that are UNACKED, now with UDP there should not be such a thing as UNACKED bytes?
When this occurs it seems the module serialises the data, so the two 530 byte datagrams end up in one UDP datagram of 1060 bytes.

This makes it impossible to reconstruct on the server side, our understanding is that the UDP datagram shoudl allways stay the length intended as per specification, not being able to be changed?

<+QISEND: 11689,11159,530>…

+QISEND: <total_send_length>,,

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Hi @gavinl

The unacked bytes means that still in app layer buffer, those bytes are not reach to TCPIP stack yet.
instead of server response ACK.