UDP connection BG96

Hi, I’m testing a custom board with a BG96 module and a STM32L0 MCU. I already have made a TCP/IP connection with a server and send data.

My problem comes when I try to send data over a UDP socket, I can open the socket and send data, I check with AT+QISEND command and all the data goes out but I don´t receive anything in my server.

There are some restrictions for UDP connection?

Thank a lot.

You can start using QNavigator and see what insights you get from the connection.

Normally you will have to send carriage return to indicate of a function. Something as \n\r but depends on the configuration of the board.

I think there are restrictions using AT commands (even I haven’t found any documentation). Especially if you try to send using AT+QISEND you cannot use special characters like , or \r or \n.

This it a bit annoying as these are used in HTTP requests. Any workaround?

Thanks, Jarkko

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