UC20 sendac AT+QNWINFO returns error

I have a SIM that returns error when running network info query

testing$ sendat -ac 2 AT+QNWINFO

The SIM has no issue with registration or traffic. I can query CSQ, COPS etc…without error. just QWNINFO is in error. Curious what would cause this issue. Thanks!

updating this…I have multiple SIM modules on my device and it seems only this SIM is being affected by this error. I have moved the SIM slot as well. the issue follows the SIM.

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Can provide the version of your module by execute ATI command? you can also check wether module register the network success by AT+QENG=“SERVINGCELL”, NWINFO will return OK after the module has connected the network.

sendat -ac ATI returns

Revision: UC20GQBR03A14E1G

and serving cell returns


the manual says NOCONN is idle mode? “UE is camping on a cell and has registered on the network; it‟s in the idle mode” So if the UE is connected and registered shouldn’t QNWINFO return band information?

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Sorry for reply late, i have test on my device that UC20 do not support this command, thank you.