Uc20-g fw uc20gqcr03a16e1g ERROR: Http socket connect error

Good day,

I am trying to communicate to an API to integrate it to in a project of the company through the at+http commands but it generates the following error. +CME ERROR: Http socket connect error.
I appreciate your help, I have tried in various ways without success.

[2020-09-24 08:42:27:303_S:] AT+QHTTPCFG=“contextid”, 1
[2020-09-24 08:42:27:314_R:] AT+QHTTPCFG=“contextid”, 1

[2020-09-24 08:42:27:325_R:] OK
[2020-09-24 08:42:30:950_S:] AT+QIACT?
[2020-09-24 08:42:30:962_R:] AT+QIACT?

[2020-09-24 08:42:30:972_R:] OK
[2020-09-24 08:42:34:566_S:] AT+QICSGP=1,1, “internet.comcel.com.co”, “”, “”, 1
[2020-09-24 08:42:34:598_R:] AT+QICSGP=1,1, “internet.comcel.com.co”, “”, “”, 1

[2020-09-24 08:42:34:712_R:] OK
[2020-09-24 08:42:42:016_S:] AT+QIACT=1
[2020-09-24 08:42:42:029_R:] AT+QIACT=1

[2020-09-24 08:42:45:678_R:] OK
[2020-09-24 08:42:48:537_S:] AT+QIACT?
[2020-09-24 08:42:48:549_R:] AT+QIACT?

[2020-09-24 08:42:48:560_R:] +QIACT: 1,1,1,“”

[2020-09-24 08:42:48:560_R:] OK
[2020-09-24 08:42:53:804_S:] AT+QHTTPURL=74,30
[2020-09-24 08:42:53:814_R:] AT+QHTTPURL=74,30

[2020-09-24 08:42:53:827_R:] DSR:1 CTS:1 RI:0 (DCD:1)

[2020-09-24 08:42:53:835_R:] CONNECT
[2020-09-24 08:43:00:218_S:]

[2020-09-24 08:43:00:231_R:] OK

[2020-09-24 08:43:00:241_R:] DSR:1 CTS:1 RI:0 (DCD:0)
[2020-09-24 08:43:07:243_S:] AT+QHTTPPOST=115,50
[2020-09-24 08:43:07:256_R:] AT+QHTTPPOST=115,50

[2020-09-24 08:43:09:958_R:] +CME ERROR: Http socket connect error

Dear Paula Lara,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
How about your issue now, whether you have solve it ?
About your issue, please try to change another socket ID to test it. Thanks!