Uc20 codec function

Dear Team,
Iam using UC20 for my project.I have a doubt regarding the CODEC section.
My application is the audio data stored in the memory of the controller will communicates with UC20 through UART interface.This data need to sent as voice message from UC20.
1.Is the audio data from controller communicates to UC20 through UART? or else do i need to connect an analog pin from my controller to CODEC?
2. Formyapplication whether it is necessary to interface an CODEC?

Warm regards,
Monisha OM

Dear Monishaom,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel Frums. Please check the following answers to your question.
For your application, you can try to upload the audio data to module’s memory with AT+QFUPL command via UART port, then play it in a call with AT+QPSND, then it will be sent to remote. Thanks!