UART requirements for BG95-M5

Hi! We are developing a board in order to use the MG95-M5 to enable internet connectivity to our device.
Since pins from our main MCU are a constraint, I would like to understand what is required to use the module. As far as I could understand, controlling PWRKEY and STATUS are required for power on the module.

I would like to verify if using only RXD and TXD of the main series interface is enough to communicate and update the module firmware via DFOTA or if I need to implement the full interface.

Screenshot 2023-08-28 130058


Yes,it is enough to communicate via RXD/TXD/GND.
You also can update firmware via USB interface.

Thank you @fiona.fang. Which functionalities would I lose by not having RI/DTR/AP_READY in our Host MCU?

The MCU and the module communicate with each other through these commands, so you can’t get module status information directly from the MCU