UART GNSS on M66 R1.0

The document " M66 R2.0&M66 R1.0 Differences Introduction " mentions that M66 R1.0 has “UART GNSS” function , but whtat is this function is not elaborated in the datasheet or hardware design guide of M66 R1.0 modem, can any one please give a link of document or elaborate what is this feature , if microocntroller has 1 Uart only , which is connected to M66 modem , will this feature allow the GNSS messages to be forwarded to microocntroller through M66 modem? or is it for connecting to GNSS module only when using M66 with open CPU ? are there any application notes about this .

Dear Amit,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Actually the UART GNSS fucntion is just support on Opencpu mode, and M66 R2.0 do not support OpenCPU, so it can not support this function.
For M66 R1.0, it can support UART GNSS, which can connect to external GNSS module via UART port to communicate.Thanks!