UART communication EC200U-CN

Recently i have purchased quectel EC200U-CN EVM board ,using qcom tool i have tesetd all the AT commands and its working fine. Now i want to send the AT commands to EC200 from extranal MCU through UART , kindly help me how to do this UART communication between extranal MCU to EC200U-CN EVM board.

Reference below:

Pay attention to level matching.

The TXD/RXD of the module should be cross-connected with the TXD/RXD of the external MCU.

The RTS/CTS of the module should be directly connected with the RTS/CTS of the external MCU.


Is it mandatory to connect rts/cts signal as only tx ,rx won’t work in my case I have connect my MCU and quectel module ec200u and there is a translator in b/w that but still I am not able to communicate with the quectel module over ttl

Could you give me more information such as picture or your schematic.