Trying to POST to url fails if requestheaders are enabled

I’m trying to do a POST to an extremely simple php file :slight_smile:

It works if I do not set request headers, but since the data is json I need to set the content type.

This is my content I send

and the content:
Accept: /
Connection: Keep-Alive
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 100

{“uuid”:“865263041608058”,“model”:“CFDetect RH04M2”,“position”:{“lat”:“1”,“lng”:“1”},“ch”:“1,1,1,1”}

What I receive is 3822

Thanks in advance

I found out now, that as soon as I add requestheader, it keeps waiting for input until it times out and returns the error.
I have ensured though, that the 225 is what I’m sending. And that Content-Length is correct.
Is there a specific character I need to send to end the body?

And, now I figured it out.

I waited for CONNECT after sending QHTTPPOST, as I should, and then I sent headers and data.

But as it turned out, just waiting for CONNECT is not enough. I inserted a delay of 300 ms after receiving CONNECT and then it worked :slight_smile: