Trying to play audio by uploading .wav file on EC200U CNAA

Hi team,

I have recently purchased 7Semi EC200U-CN 4G LTE GSM/GPRS GNSS Hat for Rasberry Pi kit and I have been trying to play audio using the same. I can play text-to-audio and also receive audio over call. but not able to wav/mp3 file.

Now I am trying to play audio from a wav/mp3 file by uploading it to UFS storage of EC2000U CNAA. Here I was not able to play files using the following AT command:

[2024-04-30 11:39:28:142_S:] AT+QFUPL=“try.wav”,13282
[2024-04-30 11:39:28:220_R:] AT+QFUPL=“try.wav”,13282
[2024-04-30 11:39:28:220_R:] CONNECT
[2024-04-30 11:39:30:880_R:] +QFUPL: 13282,f9e6

[2024-04-30 11:39:30:880_R:] OK
[2024-04-30 11:39:35:590_S:] AT+QFLST
[2024-04-30 11:39:35:654_R:] AT+QFLST
[2024-04-30 11:39:35:654_R:] +QFLST: “UFS:try.wav”,13282
[2024-04-30 11:39:35:654_R:] +QFLST: “UFS:ARYAN”

[2024-04-30 11:39:35:654_R:] OK
[2024-04-30 11:40:14:197_S:] AT+QAUDPLAY= “try.wav”,0
[2024-04-30 11:40:14:260_R:] AT+QAUDPLAY= “try.wav”,0
[2024-04-30 11:40:14:260_R:] OK

[2024-04-30 11:40:14:385_R:] +QAUDPIND: 0,1

Can you please guide us on this issue?
Waiting for your response.