Trouble connecting with RM500Q-AE powered via Pi Zero

Hi all,

We’re using a number of RM500Q-AE modules connected to a Raspberry Pi. Each module is configured to enable connection on a number of LTE, NSA_5G and NR5G bands.

We’re having issues getting an initial connection on the modules when each is connected to a Pi, plugging a module into my PC (with correct quectel driver installed) lets me use it to browse the internet fine.

We’ve tried to reset the module using the following commands:

Following this, we were able to get each module to connect (after a prolonged amount of time). Restarting the system we were then unable to repeatedly connect.

Any ideas what the cause could be? I’m not particularly savvy in this field of work and am using this as part of a mechanical design project.

One other thought is that this could potentially be due to the firmware of the module, we’ve recieved two batches of modules in this project, it seems the earlier modules work without issue and the latter ones are all symptomatically the same - not connecting. Would it be possible to have somebody share the firmware and give a quick overview regarding how to flash the modules with it?

Thanks in advance

Is the modem power supply adequate?

From the RM500Q-AE&RM502Q-AE Hardware Design pdf:

“Ensure the continuous current capability of the power supply is 3.0 A.”

If currently powered by a Pi device alone, the modem will need some form of auxiliary power.