Transferring data from one RMU500-EK to another RMU-500EK

Hello. I am trying to send a simple data packet from one RMU500-EK to another. Initially I am trying to do this over public LTE (in the UK - carrier Vodafone), but the end goal is to do this over a private 5G SA network. What is the best way to do this? I have tried to set one into TCP Client and the other into TCP Server (Listener) but I cannot send data between them.

Perhaps this method is not going to work. I am not very familiar with TCP. Do I need an external TCP server to handle forwarding of data between the two RMU500-EK configured as TCP Clients?

I am controlling the module using AT Commands. I am looking for the quickest/easiest way to send data from one to another.


Already applied via mail,thanks!