Transfer greater than 1500 bytes

I am testing with the BG96 and currently performing http post with server response. It seems if the response from the server is greater than around 1500 bytes then at the BG96 I receive nothing:

22/01/20 17:00:09.963 INFO: RX> "+QHTTPPOST: 0,200"

Any response from the server less than 1500 bytes is fine:

22/01/20 17:28:34.441 INFO: RX> "+QHTTPPOST: 0,200,1424"

Of course this limitation is not normally present in http. See for example here:

Is this a limitation imposed by the BG96 when using http?

Hi Pdaj,

Regarding +QHTTPPOST command, if you get “OK” after your input data with “CONNECT” appearing, data should be sucessfully sent to server. The length limitation is 1024000 bytes. The content responsed in +QHTTPPOST: 0,200, is decided by server. In other word, the application in HTTP server decides how to response client.
I guess that you were connecting to a HTTP test server, which will echo the data you post. 1500 byts is mostly probably the limitation of server’s script.

Best Regards,