Timer issue in M66 EVB

I am utilizing timer from M66 opencpu sdk v2.4
I have programmed the timer as per User manual :

Although, the Timer programmed for 1 minute (60000mS) stops after 57 seconds of running as compared to normal clock.

If I increase the timer interval more and more, the Timer stops more and more early than target time.
For ex. If I program the timer for 5 minutes, it stops at 4 Minutes 39 seconds.

I tried using Fast Timer which is more accurate version of normal timer as per Quectel, but it too seems giving false timer running interval.

I have read and referred to all user manuals by Quectel for M66.

Will anyone help me regarding the timer issue?

I want the timer to work as per the interval given to it, not early, not late.

Excuse me, which timer do you use, have you tried another timer?

I have used fast timer :

s32 Ql_Timer_RegisterFast(u32 timerId, Callback_Timer_OnTimer callback_onTimer, void param);*

I tried regular timer as well, but the result is the same.

It stops few seconds early than actual clock time.
Following is an illustration of the same, Interval of the Fast Clock (2 minutes):