Time on BC660K-GL

On the BC66 the format of the time returned from an “at+cclk?” command returned a string that was easily parsed “2023/04/27,13:24:49GMT-4” The BC660K-GL now returns a string that is terrible. “23/04/27,13:21:18-16” Why did it put the format in time zones in multiples of 4. Why did it truncate the year? An most important why not just return an isoformatted date time string?

You may be able to tweak the format if AT+CSDF=? returns something other than “ERROR”.

See 3GPP 27.007, sections 6.22 and 8.15.

Thanks, but it returns an error

Quectel have changed to the 3GPP (industry-standard) format as per 3GPP 27.007. That makes life easier for those of us who work on multiple modem brands and models.