ThreadX yield()

what is the best & fast solution for thread yield ?

Dear wizIO ,

Sorry for this delay , Because I can not understand your point , could you discribe more about this topic?

you can send email to me directly also .

Hi Stephen
its OK

manual switching tasks
tx_thread_sleep(1) work but delay 1ms
tx_thread_relinquish() not work - after 48853 ms watchdog kill the app

for tx_thread_sleep(1), The old BG95 FW version has a 10% error in tick time, which has been fixed in the latest version

for tx_thread_relinquish() , I have never used this API to release the control of CPU , if convenient ,pls send the your code to us .

tx_thread_relinquish() not work in user ( API ) mode
I looking for equivalent