The RM502Q-AE does not give more than 2 CA

Hi there.

I am located in saudi arabia and my carrier is Zain KSA. I know my tower can support 4 CA plus the n41 band but I am so far disappointed by this module. It can only do 2 CA plus band n41 NSA NR5G. Also the module does not support anchor band 2100 (B1) or anchor band 20 with band n41.

Currently I am getting LTE FDD primary band 3, secondary band 1 and 5g band n41.

Is it possible to modify this carrier aggregation combo to support more bands to be aggregated or to use additional variations of anchor bands? I looked at the cacombo website and it seems this module CA combo is not optimized for our region. I hope there is a way to improve this functionality because it is really important. Thanks!

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your question.
Currently RM50XQ-AE do not support n41 4cc, also do not support B20+n41, but support n1+n41 and n3+n41.

If you have further requirements, please send it to our local sales team and FAE, we can check and reply .Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. Can I get this file so I can determine which carrier in Arabia is better for me to switch to? I bought this module from Alibaba. Who I am supposed to seek support from? Can you please share with me the local sales team and FAE contact information? Thanks!

Dear Sir,
I will send it to you by mail, and share our sales window to you,thanks!