The Power consumption calculation on IOT Modem

Hi Everyone,

If someone knows about power consumption of IOT modem then please help me to understand.

I want to send below data at predefined interval using EC20 cat 4 Quectel modem.

  1. every 0.5s send 500 Bytes of data (1 Packet)
  2. every 4s send 16000 Bytes of data (1 Packet)
  3. every 5s send 500 Bytes of data (4 Packet-> 250+50+50+50 = 500 bytes)
  4. every 15s send 15000 Bytes of data (1 Packet)

What will be the power consumption as I send the above data?

Thanks and Regards,
Rushik Kanabar

Hi @rushik.kanabar
The power consumption will also be affected by the wireless environment. We do not have a specific test report on how many bytes are sent and how much power is consumed. We have power consumption in idle mode and business mode.

Hi lyman-Q,

Thanks for reply.

Please give me a suggestion of which mA/h battery I need to transmit the mentioned data, which runs for 72 hours.

Thanks & Regards,
Rushik Kanabar