The latest firmware for BC660K-GL

Where can I find the latest firmware for BC660K-GL and How can i update the firmware ?Thanks everyone!
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the latest firmware: (2.4 MB)

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Thanks, herbert! when lick the “Start” button then i reset modue, i’m error.

Are you upgrading our TE-B (development board) or standalone modules?

Thanks! i’m upgrading standalone modules. I think when module upgrading firmware, i pressed the reset so module failed. I followed the instructions here:

YES,you are great,Follow-up support is needed, we will continue to communicate

Thanks herber.pan so mucht! now, how can i upgrading firmware on my standalone modules, because i still have error “DL_Probe fail!”. i tried again many times.

Immediately after you click START, do the following:
step1、Connect the BOOT pin to GND, or short circuit BOOT, and do not disconnect;
step2、Connect the RESET pin to GND, or short circuit RESET. Do not disconnect;
step3、Disconnect the RESET and GND connection;
step4、Disconnect the BOOT and GND connection;

you try again!


is this still the latest firmware? How can I check that I have on my BC660K-GL installed the latest firmware?


ATI //query currently firmware version

Oh, sorry, I thought it was hardware revision. Thanks! This is my output, could you please tell me if it is still the latest firmware, or a new one has been already released? If so, could you please send me a new firmware so I can upgrade my BC660K-GL?


Revision: BC660KGLAAR01A04

Revision: BC660KGLAAR01A04 this is latest release version

Hello @herbert.pan-Q ,
I just received a BC660K-GL-TE-B demo kit.
To work with it, could you please provide links to the latest firmware/software versions?

I am looking for latest:

  1. BC660K-GL firmware binary zip
  2. EPAT Log Capture Tool
  3. BC660K-GL QuecOpen SDK

Thanks in advance

Quectel_EPAT操作指导与参考(CN&EN).pdf (2.1 MB) (2.5 MB)

  1. BC660K-GL QuecOpen SDK has sent by email

Hi again,

Thanks a lot!

Hello could you send me BC660K-GL QuecOpen SDK too please.

I have sent it to your email,please check

Hi again,

Thanks a lot! Great support!