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With these content tools you can Industry Email List add extra (moving) elements to a photo or give it a completely different look, for example by making a drawn sketch. Those effects Industry Email List can certainly be useful and fun, but I think a warning is in order. These tools have the danger that you may not use them strategically, because the effects are so fun and sometimes even Industry Email List astonishing. Therefore, take a good look at your target group, your brand identity and your content goals or content strategy before you use them. Column – When we think of the world of the future, we often see an image in which robots have taken over much of our work. Self-driving cars, robots that clean our house and feed the children.

But what about tasks that involve Industry Email List creativity? Is it conceivable that robots can do more than they are programmed to do? History of Artificial Industry Email List Intelligence and Creation Let’s start by establishing what is meant by creativity: connecting existing elements in surprising combinations. What has been done so far with artificial intelligence (AI) in digital Industry Email List design, and what were the results? In 2014, The Grid was launched, promising to design websites with AI. This turned out to be only a temporary hype, moreover with ugly results. The Grid home page In 2020 we saw Nikolay Ironov , a creation of the Russian design studio 'Art.

Lebedev Studio. His clients Industry Email List actually believed that it was a human designer. But the designs of this robot were not really surprising. The Figma plugin ’ Designer ’ (also from 2020) made it possible to describe in text Industry Email List what your website should consist of, after which the design was generated. But this is mostly automation, and essentially Industry Email List not really creative. The plugin itself is not the designer. The creator of the plugin is the designer! Current Applications We currently use artificial intelligence in various areas in creation. Think of the insight AI gives us which parts of social posts work best, neural filters that help us retouch photos in Photoshop and machine learning where inspirational images are automatically tagged.

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