The best module for precise cm positioning

I’m working right now on project for precise positioning down to a few centimeters. I am currently searching for module so I can start working with.

If any one can suggest me a name of a module , and the development board that can do the job.

Thank you in advance

Dear Sir,
Regarding cm-level positioning modules, RTK feature is mandatory. Now we have the following modules supporting RTK: LG69TAM/LC29HBA/LC29D.
Attached module specification for your selection, now its RTK positioning accuracy is about 10 cm level, but we’re optimizing that.

Quectel_LG69T_GNSS_Specification_V1.2.0_Preliminary_20220114.pdf (228.1 KB)
Quectel_LC29H_GNSS_Specification_V1.2.0_Preliminary_20211206.pdf (289.9 KB)

Quectel_LC29D_GNSS_Specification_V1.2.pdf (349.6 KB)


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thanks sir,
I want to know also if I need to establish a RTK base station ? so do i need to buy two modules one for the base and one for the rover

Dear Sir,
You can use LG69TAS to setup your own base station. Also you can buy RTK account from correction data service provider.

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