Tftp client on M66 module

Good day.

I’m initialize the module in this order

After initialization I try to get a file from a TFTP server. I connect to it:

Аfter sending the “Read request (RRQ)”,
I get a response. It’s okay for now.
Details:"\r\nRECV FROM:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:36876\r\n\0\006tsize\02451"

Please note that the transport port of server is different 36876.
Accordingly, I need to send data to this port (using the transport port of my original connection), but I can’t do it.
Creating a second connection to this port (and sending data through it using QIMUX=1) does not give the desired result, since the sender transport port changes.

Here are the questions.

  1. How can I find out the transport port of the QUECTEL module of the created connection (I would try to create a server on this port and send data from it)?
  2. Maybe everything is much simpler and I’m missing some command when I create a connection?
  3. There are no implementations of the TFTP client on the QUECTEL modules on the Internet. Is this really not possible or am I just looking bad?

Unfortunately, although the M66 module supports UDP protocol, but does not support TFTP protocol, I think the port error is probably because the transmission protocol does not match, you can find an HTTP server to try