Template MBN File for development


Is it possible to get any mbn for any network setup for any of the Qualcomm Linux based modems just so we have a template to start from?

We all really need to see inside one of those files. I can’t read one out of the file system. Can we have just 1 file for reference so we can make amendments to it ourselves?

For example, it would be great if you could give is this file:


I need to make some minor amendments to it to fix an SMS problem in Vodafone Ireland. I have working files from phones where I can get the settings I need. I just need a template for this modem and looking through the forum it seems many people want this file. I can’t dump the FS where I am at the moment.

Thanks for your help

could you please tell us the module type and firmware version, thanks!

I will glad receive template and document describing how to modify and create mbn files. We are developing our 5G system, and in many cases commercial and ROW settings doesn’t fit us.
We have RM500Q-GL, RM520N-GL, RG502Q-AE modules.


Hi Dmitry,

I did a lot of work on this. You’re never going to be able to make a file as Qualcomm won’t give you the tools. Let’s just say I ‘found’ the Qualcomm tools you need to see all of settings the binary files set. You can effectively do what the binary file does by writing the NV settings.

In Europe the Qualcomm MDM9207 4G chipset doesn’t really work with Vodafone. In most countries you have to at least exclude SMS from the IMS system. Normally you would write this into the binary file. However, you can set this with an AT command. You would set the binary file to the ROW as a base line and then change what you need. For Vodafone in the UK and Ireland you must exclude SMS from the IMS by chaning the IMS Reg DB as follows:


It’s the final ‘01’ which tells the modem what to do with the ims. In this case 01 just means VoLTE. 03 means VoLTE and SMS, 07 would be VoLTE, SMS and Video.

Try decoding an mbn with this tool to get the NV settings:

There are other settings you can read from a mobile phone mbn for your network using the Qualcomm mbn tools and then change the NV setting, such as:


Thanks, Michael!

I have this tool, but unfortunately, many parameters for 5G is still not encoded.
Thank you for at+qnvfw command - i wonder how undocumented command modems have!
I will continue research :slight_smile: