TCP server in tansparent mode with EC25


We are working on the EC25-E module. In that TCP server in buffer mode & data push mode working. But TCP server in Transparent mode is not working. And my command is as below
AT+QIOPEN=1,1,“TCP LISTENER”,“”,0,2021,2

And i am getting OK response for the below commands
AT+QIOPEN=1,1,“TCP LISTENER”,“”,0,2021,0

AT+QIOPEN=1,1,“TCP LISTENER”,“”,0,2021,1
So please suggest the solution, where i am getting wrong.

Please refer to the manual.

Quectel_LTE_Standard_TCP(IP)_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (445.1 KB)


we referred the same, and observed that transparent mode is working as client. but failing as server. So confirm me that EC25-E supports tcp server in transparent mode or not.