Task managment in quectel MC60

Hello all,
I am working on quectel mc60 module and I want to get information regarding how I can schedule a task in open CPU , how to enable and disable a task ,how to control a task ?
if some one can assist me in this I will be very thankful to them.

Dear Akshit,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Abour your question, it is better to check the following document which already introduce how to manage the task in OpenCPU. Thanks!
Quectel_MC60-OpenCPU_Series_User_Guide_V2.0.pdf (1.2 MB)

Thanks for your reply sir,
Yes sir i have gone through this pdf but i wanted to halt and resume and schedule a user defined task.
can you please help me in this.

there is not API for suspend / resume thread…
you can combine Ql_OS_WaitEvent / Ql_OS_SetEvent
or “wait” Ql_Sleep…

i was reading the topics about MC60 and fined out you’re a right person to consult . :smiley:

i’m working on MC60 to write a vehicle tracker code .
got some questions to ask

  1. is it ok to use tcp/ip instead of mqtt ? (i’m not familiar with mqtt and i prefer to use my own server instead of eclipse )

  2. i’m trying to find the AT-Commands sequence i need, then start to write the code based on Open CPU. i got a situation in AT-commands. it always takes 2:48 to send data to the server but it takes 1 second to send and receive from server to mc60. here is the sequence i use :
    AT+QIFGCNT=0;+QICSGP=1,“MCINET”;+CGATT?;+ CGDCONT = 1,“IP”,“”;+QIOPEN=“TCP”,“”,“1264”

  3. i think maybe it will be ok if i update the firmware ! but i don’t no how ! and what’s the default open cpu code to run AT-commands directly ( through Qnavigator)

hi ,
you can use tcp/ip over mqtt , you can take help of example code provided in sdk “example_tcpipclient” it is well descriptive , you can also take help of TCP/IP Application Note it has set of AT commands used for TCP/IP client.

For testing AT commands on Qnavigator you have to upload main.c provided in custom in sdk.

Thank me later.

use OpenCPU TCP or UDP sockets:

this error appears when trying to compile using “make clean && make new” command in cmd :

leaving directory `C:/Users/FBF/Desktop/tracker/MC60_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V1.3

should i change something in custom_task_cfg ?

the same error ( leaving directory `C:/Users/FBF/Desktop/tracker/MC60_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V1.3) shows up when compiling the example you said

May i know what are you using commad line or eclipse ide?

Please ensure you have correct jdk and jvm environment variables set in your system.

thank you
i did it :heart: :pray:

there are some more questions on my mind
how much programming space does mc60 support ?
i’ve read that it has 4m storage,However i think its divided to several parts.
would you please explain this ?

show the linker script…

Hi ,

In MC60 generally it is 320KB for Code area . Other details in MC60 as below picture .

3mg left out of 4mg !
do we have access to this 3mg ?
is there a way to save data daily on this 3mg ?
i already attached a Winbond W25Q128 on SPI interface. i couldn’t find any example code or library to write and delete data on Winbond W25Q . would you recommend a way !?

I am not sure what is meaning of 3mg and 4mg do you mean 3MB . Then no you dont have access of 3MB that is being used by Quectel for its stack and core .

you can write your App FW in 320KB given to you and you can use 120KB UFS as non volatile storage .

SDK do have example for SPI and I2C , you can refer that .

If you have more problems , you can contact to local FAE team they will help you

Thank you

@Ratan where can we find a list of local FAE teams for each countries?

Thank you

Hi ,

you can ask to your distributor for local support . May I know what is your location , I can provide you contacts as well .

how could i write some customizable data on UFS storage ? how to change and how to read them ! there was no example in the SDK.
should i use Ql_alloc function ? or something else ?

Hi ,

you can refer example_file.c in SDK .