Support for Multi-IMSI cards

To support IMSI-switch required for multi-IMSI cards, a modem must support certain proactive SIM features described here:


Do the M66 and BG600l-M3 modules support these features, and if yes, is this feature automatic or must the application handle them using STK (SIM Application Toolkit) AT-commands manually?


For Bg600L module , This feature need to be enabled by the below at cmd

Sorry, are you sure there isn’t a misunderstanding? The function AT+QSIMDET is for detecting a physical SIM-card change. I am not talking about that. I am talking about an IMSI-switch, which is when the same SIM-card changes its IMSI without being removed from its slot. And for that to work, the modem must handle the REFRESH and POLL INTERVAL proactive SIM commands (these are not AT commands, but commands sent by the SIM to the modem, defined in GSM 11.14). The question is, do the modems handle these two commands automatically?

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