Support for ETWS on EC25-J RIL driver

Does the RIL driver for EC25-J support to receive ETWS?
I’d like to know how to receive ETWS with EC25-J on Android 9 or later.

ETWS means Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System?
Quectel RIL driver only supports the following functions:

Thank you for your reply!

ETWS means Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System?

Does it mean that the RIL driver does NOT support Cell Broadcast, right?

I know that EC25-J can receive ETWS like the following message:

+ETWS PRIMARY:<message_id>,<serial_number>,<warning_type>
+ETWS PRIMARY:<message_id>,<serial_number>,<warning_type>,<year>,<month>,<day>,<hour>,<minute>,<second>
+ETWS SECONDARY:<message_id>,<serial_number>,<alphabet>,<page_number>,<total_pages>,<cb_data_len>

RIL driver support Cell Broadcast, later it will support ETWS function.

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