Suitable Antennas for EC25 or EG25?

Hey there,
for quite a while now I’ve been trying to find suitable antennas for my EC25 modem (whose antenna requirements match the EG25 (Impedance: 50 Ohms, VSWR: <=2, 50W)
Now, what would one choose for the diversity antenna? As I understood it from wikipedia, it should pretty much be identical to the main antenna.
As for antennas in general: I’m pretty upset about the delivery cost when buying from digikey or mouser, and the only other seller with cheaper delivery prices I could find is soselectronics. That seller however doesn’t have the best stock and a lot of antennas are just not available. An antenna that I can definitely get my hands on is the YDX001AA, but it’s a bit big and I’d prefer not having to cut up my laptop to fit two SMA sockets just for a main and diversity antenna.
Can anyone recommend me some of these thin glue-on antennas with UF.L connectors that have compatible specs? Everything that I was able to find was with 25W max output power, which I don’t know if the modem will like at all.

Edit: Two hours of more searching later, I’ve found two antennas, which are both not quite rated for what the modem wants:

  • Quectel YF0006AA: Slightly higher VSWR, no wattage rating mentioned anywhere, so I’m hoping for 50W
  • 2J 2JP0124: Sadly 25W at max

How important are these power ratings? If it does really matter, could I safely use two 25W rated antennas on a 50W rated modem (one main, one for diversity)? If all else fails, could I somehow throttle the modem use to not exceed the 25W rating of the antennas?

I’ve decided for the 2J antenna now since I’ve gotten no response yet. The VSWR is definitely right and only the wattage is a problem, but I guess I won’t be downloading much anyway.