Suggestion for the forum

Hello Quectel forum moderators,

I have one suggestion for the forum structure:
That the date format can be the long format - DD/MM/YYYY (D = Day / M = Month / Y = Year)
That all recurrent requests, like download drivers, documentation, and software for each device (ex: EP06 Modem, or others) have their own page with permanent links for downloads (most of the links here are temporary and dead - the community needs links that works, and more “straightforward” information).

Most of the updated software is locked for “registered users”, and drivers are posted or sent by mail to who requests… That is nonsense, since drivers on Windows and Linux are public, and increase performance. (And makes the support team to have extra work several times of sending same drivers by email so many times…)

The driver packages could have the option of “Install” and “Extract Only”, and this saving time when you’re developing or implementing an image.

Like other big companies (Dell, Lenovo, HP), the drivers could have a “release history” of the versions and each improvement since the last version available.

Thank you beforehand,


​Many thanks for your kind suggestions, but we are very sorry to say that we are unable to make the drivers and firmware of each module publicly available due to the company’s strategy. We will do everything we can to speed up support for forum users.Thanks for your understanding.For forum date format, we have updated it, Many thanks~
Have a nice day!

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