Subscribe Topic of BG96

How many MQTT Subscribe Topics in BG96 are supported?

Hi Maker_i

There is no limit in module side , the list be maintained by mqtt server , It depend on server side.

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I tried to connect to AWS and the topic of basic AWS server use the 9 topic.
I set up the 9 topic and I also tried to connect to AWS.
But I was able to see the 5 topic and the truncated data.
It seems to be caused by insufficient memory.

BG96 is no limit in module side.Are you sure? Did you test it?

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Hi Maker_i

R&D just said there is not limitation in mqtt application level .

But for the bottom level , If the underlying physical memory is insufficient, the log needs to be collected for more analysis.

if you need to more analyze , pls send email to : support@

we will send to you the log tools and help you do more analysis .


I think there are two methods for MQTT subscribe test using QMTSUB .
I want to send the several subscribe topic.

First method,I used several topic parameters for one QMTSUB command.
Second method,I used one topic parameter for several QMTSUB commands.

First method is
I can’t set the topic I want, and the topic is set as the data is taken out one by one in the first topic.
For example, if the first topic was ABCD and the second topic was 1234 in the QMTSUB command, the actual topic is set with ABCD for the first and BCD without A for the second.

second method is the QMTSUB command should be used several times, but the topic is normally set.