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In MC60 and OpenCPU,
How can i receive coming response(return data) after sending Ql_RIL_SendATCmd(AT+QMTSUB) in RIL_MQTT_QMTSUB?
after receive OK, how can i get coming data (like a key status) from MQTT-server? should i handle it(receiving data) in ATResponse_Handler? do you have any example or recommended solution?

Like this data:



+QMTSUB: 0,1,0,0

+QMTRECV: 0,0,v1/devices/me/rpc/request/58,{“method”:“checkStatus”}

+QMTRECV: 0,0,v1/devices/me/rpc/request/59,{“method”:“setValue”,“params”:true}

Dear bsalmani69

There is a corresponding example routine code in the SDK of the Open development package, which is in the example file of the SDK. Please refer to writing. Thank you.