Store and play audio files in a call

I’m working with M95 module, I need to store and play an audio file into internal memory, the audio file must be played during a call; M95 may do that? I mean does it has the functionallity to do it? If so when can I read about and how to do it?


Danilo G.

hi logicafago

Sorry for the late reply;
You can reference Quectel GS document 《Quectel_GSM_Audio_Player_Application_Note_V3.2.pdf》;

Another question related

How In the M95 do I upload the audio files to the internal memory and next play this files?



Hi, thanks by your Answer, really what I need is to recording and play voice, reading the Software specifications M95 doesn’t support audio files storage…
I read in GSM_Software_Functions_Presentation_V1.1.pdf document.