STM3214-discovery L496G-CELL02

I have a stm3214-discovery board (L496-CELL02) from ST. On this there is a BG96 module. It seems that
the lines between SIM and some other are shared with BG96 and the CPU. I have found no information whatsoever on how to configure the CPU to have the module working. (In the end I cut some pins on the STMod+ interface - and this worket). But this is not a good solution.

Any information on how to configure this card?

// GH

Base on your discription , it is a system of MCU+BG96 , in this system BG96 is a modem , used as communication function ,

normally , bg96 connect with MCU via serial port , use AT cmd.

pls contact with the vendor of developement board , i think they
will give your more info , SInce BG96 just a modem part in your board