STM32 and RMU500EK communication

Hi, Im trying to send AT commands from a low energy MCU, in my case a STM32F072, to a RM500 module at its evaluation kit, the problem comes when the EK only has an USB port with its own drivers (The module has 3 virtual USB ports) but I want to send the commands throught UART or something similar from the MCU only to the AT port.
Do I need to make my own drivers for the STM32 or how could I send the commands easily from the MCU?

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Is the module’s UART port connected to your MCU? You should send AT commands through the module’s virtual USB port, it’s easier.

Yes but I need to send it through the MCU and I dont know how to do it to a virtual port

I will email you a document that you can use to confirm that your connection is working.


If your Kit has USB to serial convertor , just bypass it by making some jumper connections or use USB to UART convertor then you do not need to write the driver I guess

Our modules are usually connected to the MCU through USB. When the module USB is recognized, it will generate serval vitual serial ports for users to use.

Yes I verified that the connection through PC is working but now I need to do it through the MCU

My STM32 has a USB port aswell, but I think it can only be used as USB DEVICE and not USB HOST, which is essential when communicating to the RM500 and sending at commands right? and If I want to use this USB communication will I need to write the drivers for the MCU (STM32) basing on the Quectel_RG50xQ&RM5xxQ_Series_USB_Descriptor_Introduction_V1.0.pdf document or is there other way to do it?

What is your connection method like? Can you provide a block diagram? The device I have is like this

I have tha same problem, i want to communicate with a stm32 l476rg mcu via at commands .please send me a suggestion at my email “”.

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I have the same problem, i want to communicate with a STM32L496G via at commands with Wifi module(ESP8266).please send me a suggestion at my email “[].

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