STK for EC25-A / EC25-AF?

Because considering the usage of a multi-SIM, I need to verify,
that SIM Application Toolkit (SAT/STK) can be used in combination with the modems in use.
it is stated:
“This document is applicable to all Quectel GSM modules except for GCxx modules.”

Is this (still) valid for EC25-A and EC25-AF ?

Hello speibl, thanks for your question
Quectel_GSM_STK_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.1 is only applicable to Quectel GSM products. When you use EC25-A/EC25-AF are LTE products, you need to use a separate STK_AT command manual. I will send it to you in the form of an email. Please pay attention to check the email, thank you .

Please send - “STK_AT command manual for LTE product” for model EC25-A/EC25-AF/EG25-G.
I want test with sim application for Multi-Sim thought AT command.