Status led blinks on BG95-M3 module

I give the necessary pulse values ​​to the gsm module to be open from the pwerkey pin. I also set the reset pin high. When I apply voltage to the module, the status led flashes. What does this flashing mean? What can I do to make it burn all the time? (I am using custom design)

  1. BG95M3 is 3 RAT module (CATM/GSM/NB) ,
    Is the GSM module you are talking about bg95 module?
  2. if the status LED is flashing ,it means that the module is running

  1. mode, it can be turned on by driving PWRKEY low for 500–1000 ms. It

for more detail , pls kindly download the below link:

Quectel_BG95_Series_Hardware_Design_V1.3.pdf (1.8 MB)