Standalone RTOS (+HAL) bundle enquiry

So we’re using the CSDK that we received from our vendor and although the general platform approach to the SDK with device and feature selection is appreciated, i want to understand if we can only get the RTOS (+HAL) of our specific part. This is to ensure:

  1. Only application required features are built
  2. Additional drivers and middleware don’t increase code size
  3. More readability and an overall lean project structure by removing configurability for multiple devices.

I understand that the SDK gives configurability for most of this, but re-stating that we’d like to set up our own lean LL and middleware code, only import HALs for required features and have kernel support for the single device we’re using.
Need to understand if these packages are available separately (from the SDK)
The module we’re using right now is: EC200UCN_AA.

Also, can share vendor details if needed for authentication.



Hi @Punit_Rajwani,
We’re sorry but those underlying components are considered confidential and are not available separately. We support team don’t have access to those components either. However, if you want more in-depth collaboration with us, you may reach out to our sales team. But we too are not sure if the components are available at all.