SSL Socket non-functional after registration CEREG URC on BG95

I’m running into an issue with the BG95 module where I’m able to successfully use an SSL connection without issue up until the point where I received a registration changed URC message. I assumed this might be because the SSL connection closes in this case, but when I try to open a new SSL connection, it does not succeed. Some time later, I’m able to reconnect and talk to our backend again.

Any ideas what may be happening here? What is the expected behavior on registration changed? Is any action needed in response? Thanks!

Hi @juliantb

Registration changed URC message means +CEREG: ,am i right?
if so, that’s means the network disconnect, you can check the nework signal quailty and strength via AT+QENG=“servingcell”, or turn OFF/ON RF via AT+CFUN=0/AT+CFUN=1 commands.