SSL and TLS UC15

I have run the TLS protocol correctly on the MC60 and UC20 modules.
But unfortunately the UC15 module does not connect to the server with the TLS protocol!
Does this module not support this protocol in older firmware?
What are the differences between these three modules in the TLS section?

Dear Master,
Thanks for inquiry in Quectel forum.
For UC15 module, please refer to the following UC15 SSL file to test TLS protocol. Thanks!
UC20,UC15 and MC60 are different module based on different chipset, so the software mechanism are different. Thanks!

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thanks for your replay

I read the document.
It is no different from other modules
I get the Error Code 552!

Dear Master,
Could you help to provide your test AT log ?
By the way you use which port to test, UART port or USB port ? If you use USB port, please try to use USB modem port to have a try. Thanks!

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uc15 module works well(TLS Protocol) with the old firmware. But the new UC15 firmware does not work !!!

old firmware:UC15EQAR03A10E1GE

new firmware:UC15EQAR03A07E1GE

Dear Master,
Could you help to double check which version is old and which one is the new firmware ?
As we know that UC15EQAR03A10E1G should be the new firmware, while UC15EQAR03A07E1G is the old firmware, but you said just on the contrary. And new firmware just to improve and modify the old firmware’s bug to support more features, it have no any issues. Thanks!


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excuse me.
Yes. I was wrong.

new firmware:UC15EQAR03A10E1GE

old firmware:UC15EQAR03A07E1GE

I connected to the server (with the TLS protocol) by uc15(
old firmware:UC15EQAR03A07E1GE)!!!

Dear Master,
If that, i think it have no any issue, new firmware just to improve and modify the old firmware’s bug to support more features. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

Now I have this problem too, I cannot connect to the server by UC15. I cannot find the old firmware, where i can find it?


Please email to to get it. Thanks!