Spatial resolution of the EPO FIles

Hi support,
I’m working with MC60 modulo, I’m doing some test with the AGPS.
My configuration isn’t all-in-one so I put the EPO FILE into the module following the steps indicates in the following AN GNSS_Flash_EPO_Application_Note_V1.0.
I must do some tests using different devices installed into different cars; each car is situated in different cities.
Can I use the same EPO file for each device? Does it exist a spatial resolution associated ti the EPO files?

Dear Giampietro,
Let take 3 days’ GPS EPO file for instance. 3 days’ GPS EPO file includes all 32 GPS satellites orbit and time related info with 3 days validity. The receiver just needs to know its UTC time(allow an error of 3 seconds) and location (allow an error of 30 Km. location is not mandatory) and will be able to calculate the available satellites in view. That’s to say, different receivers in different places both can use the same EPO file, just make sure the EPO file is within the valid period.

BTW, our EPO server updates EPO files every 1 hour.

Best Regards

Hi Giampietro,

I am using the same GNSS_Flash_EPO_Application_Note_V1.0. Where do you get an EPO file?

Hi Ibc,

Example EPO file has been sent to you via message. In case any long term tests are needed, you can provide the customer name and region to us, we will register an AGNSS account to you.

Best regards,