[SOLVED] [BG96] Are UFS and EUFS memories non volatile?


I couldn’t find any information on the Quectel_BG96_FILE_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.1 if UFS and EUFS memories are volatile or non volatile.

Does anybody knows anything about it?

I’m planning to use this memories for my application, what I need is:

  • Store data generated by my application in case of the module not having connection to a HTTP server, I think it’s better to use a volatile memory for this, the data is generated every X minutes, with X ranging from 1 to 10, each string of generated data would need to be stored.
  • Store a backup binary of the application that runs on the main microcontroller, for this I would like to use a non volatile memory.

Hi MTX_ing6 ,

UFS and EUFS is file systems , It is It’s NAND flash in Physics, so I think it is non volatile。

About http temp data , I do not think you need to concerned what memory type , you just need to apply a variable as below

char data[2048];

Great @Stephen.Li-Q, thanks for the reply.