Solar power for MC60

Dear experts,
I am working with the MC60 module, I want to design a solar charger for this module, I am not familiar with solar design if you have an idea for this kindly let me know.

Dear Kannannatesh,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel Forum.
About the power supply design for MC60 module, no matter you choose solar design or battery or other design, you just need to pay attention to that the MC60 maximum current consumption of GSM part could reach 1.6A during a burst transmission, so your power supply must choose one with higher current than 1.6A. I am sorry that we have no such reference design can share with you. Just have the following reference can give you for reference. Thanks!

Dear @Kyson
thanks for your supply can you clear my doubt about battery selection

this circuit shows we can connect 4.4v lithium-ion battery, but i can’t find 4.4v battery that shows 3.7v battery only could you help to find 4.4v rechargeable battery for this module

Dear Kannannatesh,
You can check with the following battery supplier. Thanks!

you can use simple battery charging IC like MCP73831. I am using this in my design without any problems.

Hi aamirniaz,
Thanks for your reply, MCP73831 have max 500ma charging output it’s takes lot of time to charge high current batteries, then i need a solar input supported charging ic for mu design