Smart modules and wifi ap mode / master mode


Quectel smart modules support wifi ap / master mode?

Our future project consists of a gateway device (we hope Quectel SC20) that sends through 4G the data collected by a variety of nearly distributed sensors (maybe 5 - 10). The data is about a couple of hundreds of KB per second from the totality of the sensors, so using BT is not feasible.
We are designing the distributed sensors based on the ESP32 MCU so we hope that there is a Quectel smart module that can be the master of this network.

Currently, we are waiting for the shipping of some sc20 Linux modules and the evb board for another project. We hope that SC20 already supports ap mode.


Hi alegioit
SC20 Linux Verson needs the help of our internal R&D. Do you have an account of Quectel’s E-service System? If so, you can create a ticket on it. Or you can send the issue by your company’s mail box so that our colleague can help you. BTW, could you tell us what is your company’s name and in which country or region?
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