Small issue with EG915U after firmware update


We’ve been using different quectel modems together with linux. During the start up process, there’s a script that configures the modem and runs different at commands. With other modems and an older firmware there was no problem running multiple at commands in one line, like this:

‘AT S7=45 S0=0 V1 X4 &c1 E1 Q0’ . With the new firmware this is not possible, all the at commands have to be executed one by one. It’s a small issue but is there a way to execute them all together again?


Old firmware

Revision: EG915UEUABR02A04M08

New firmware



Revision: EG915UEUABR03A01M08 OK

Hello, can try the following format, I test can execute more than one command in the new version.

Ok thank you, with ; instead of a space all of them can be executed with one line.

hi. I am using this version EG915NEUAGR03A08M16_01.001.01.001 for Quectel . can i have the link to download the latest version? thanks

OK,can you give your e-mail?