Slow cellular 5G Speeds on NETGEAR ORBI NBK752 with RM502Q-AE

Hello Everyone,

I have recently bought NETGEAR ORBI NBK752 5G that reports having a RM502Q-AE with firmware version RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G. My problem is the 5G speeds are being out competed by my Samsung S20 using the same cell provider AT&T (and using the same micro SIM) with Excellent Reception. The ORBI which apparently uses a RM502Q-AE is running at most 45Mbps in comparison to my Samsung S20 which can get to 250+Mbps using Is this slowdown possibly related to firmware, Netgear, or the cell provider AT&T? If it is firmware related, then are there any suggestions on what I can do to get better 5G speeds?

Dear Sir,
It( RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G) is the latest firmware version.
As for your issue, please help to send at+cops?/at+qeng=“servingcell” to check the register status and signal quality. Do the module RM502Q and your cellphone work on the same cell? How many antennas do you use for the module RM502Q? By the way, do you use RM502Q to design directly or just use the NETGEAR CPE which embedded the RM502Q. Thanks!

I am using the NETGEAR CPE… so I would not be able to do any logical troubleshooting using a console with OS that comes with the router. Unless there is a way I can somehow get telnet unlocked.

Apparently there may be issue with the AT&T tower that the Netgear 5G modem+router was communicating with. After trying another provider (T-Mobile) I was able to get the speeds expected to come with 5G.

Feel free to close this issue, I was hoping that another firmware would be available that could resolve my problems with 5G performance with AT&T. Looking at the router I am able to update the modem manually using another firmware.

PS: I am on the El Paso area of Texas.