SImulate MC60 with proteus

Hello guys,
I want to simulate an stm32 + Quectel MC60 with Proteus isis and run AT-Commands to this module
Is there any way to do this this ?
Thanks you so much guys in advance

Any help guys ? I am really needing help
Any solution to simulate quectel MC60

I’m not sure if this proteus software can send AT commands to the MC60 or not.If you want to test the MC60’s functionality, you can use the QCOM tool:

I don’t have an MC60 module , this is why I want to make a simulation
and I am looking for a tool so I can simulate it

We have not yet encountered this situation, it is not clear whether software simulation is available.

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Hi Yahya,

Proteus for GSM module is not good Idea . although you can find some simulation of other modules on Google but that is also just very basic .

please note GSM module is not a single component , its having multiple components internally and its working dependent on Network .
so better to work on real hardware , you can have Evaluation board of Quectel and start your work on it .

Thank you

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thank so much Ratan for this explanation