SIM interface issue (BG96)


I am developing an application on the BG96 module with two different configurations:
quectel Minipcie eval board and ST Cell02.

Unfortunately I have the same problem on both systems, after a few minutes of use the SIM card is not detected anymore. After several attempts and tests, it seems that the BG96 module doesn’t come out of VDD_SIM, CLOCK_SIM and CLOCK_RESET anymore. Is the module definitively dead? This would seem to be a big problem as it happened to me on two different modules.
If someone has already solved this problem or is having the same problems don’t hesitate to answer this topic.

Hi Hugo,
Pls check the image I send, follow the step to make the issue clear. If there is no signal level change in VDD_SIM, CLOCK_SIM, CLOCK_RESET of the module, pls reboot the module and measure the signal level.

Thank you frank !
It was a software problem with QSIMDET and hot swap detection. I forced the detection to 0 and it works perfectly !

It would be my pleasure to help you solve the problem.